The LUGO Press

Feeling Alive

Feeling Alive

a drop of water

like a fertilised little egg

a journey from high up in the mountains

the beginning of a precious life

elegantly entering this world

as an essential source

It is to feel alive

touching your skin

sometimes cold, sometimes hot

sometimes nice, sometimes not

flowing through life

sometimes fast, sometimes slow

through all sorts of places

making marks, like the wrinkles in our faces

you’re not in control where life takes you

it can be joyful and comfy

enjoying all of the little, soft sounds

it can be disastrous

like an ominous thundercloud

a complex journey..

though eventually, it’s all the same

everyone will be there at some point

one sooner than the other

the other may,be wiser

when the river has become the ocean

and death has come.

this drop of water will be the same

will stay essential

we won't though

and the earth won’t be the same either

so, encourage all drops of water

to preserve the beauty of life