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Interview with Tanja de Bie Tanja de Bie

Interview with Tanja de Bie

Tanja de Bie
"We should all play our part in improving our university."

Tanja de Bie works at LLINC on LifeLongLearning and Educational Policy support, with a growing interest in Future Foresight; “basically LLInC supports teachers and faculties with education innovation, quality improvement and digital technology.

How do you contribute to sustainability at the University?
"I was one of the initiators during the pandemic of the Sustainability Network in Teams, which currently has over 350 members (staff and students). In this community we collaborate together through all levels of the organisation to achieve quick wins & long term improvements of sustainability at our university. It is a very open and transparent community that encourages conversation.
I also was part of the team that created this Leiden MOOC together with teachers Paul Behren and Thijs Bosker. At the office of LLInC I am in charge of the plants, and am encouraging co workers to join in the University pilot of community gardens for staff and students."

How do you contribute to sustainability in your daily life?
"Together with my three (adult) children we have managed to cut back on waste, eat less meat and travel more by train. I also like to add to biodiversity in various ways, like maintaining a balcony garden, participate in a local seed & plant exchange etc. I recently joined Groenestad071."

What is still the biggest sustainability challenge for you?
"I am currently right in the middle of renovations of my flat, so we can stop with using gas. I would dearly love to add solar panels and do more on insulation but it is difficult to convince all neighbors as this is a costly investment."

Do you have any special goals for this year?
"I am supporting Leiden Academic Community (LAG) with the UniversiteitsRaad (UR) elections this year. Their programme contains important sustainability goals, as well as putting people central. As the chair of the dienstraad of LLInC I think having a strong UR is very important. We should all play our part in improving our university."

What is your biggest guilty pleasure that might not be sustainable, but you find hard to give up?
"Oh, of guilty pleasures there are many. I still enjoy a good piece of beef, just less often, and very occasionally still fly. I also feel guilty for not having yet participated in many of the climate demonstrations. My children are better at this."

What is your advice for students/staff who want to contribute more to sustainability at the University?
"Join the Sustainability Network and find likeminded souls. You will feel so much more engaged and find ways to contribute that fit your lifestyle and talents. We all do what we can. Also, vote, it matters 😉."

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