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The first law of motion Illustrated by Laura Steel Pascual

The first law of motion

This piece was written for the Green Office’s Spring Poetry competition, on the theme: Environmental Guilt, which took place between the months of April-May 2022.


Sometimes consciousness is imprisoning

And you doubt if your worries have any effect

On this world that’s longing for new creations

That rethink our presence in this ecosystem

Because it is so hard

To do something that is not destructive

Is it weird that not wanting to be a fool

Makes you feel even more foolish

Resistance to your fate is helpless

As it was never your decision to make

You won’t find the antidote to environmental guilt in heaviness

As the purpose was never to suffer more than nature itself

One day it will call you, a spark igniting an idea

And every worry has been worth it

Realising that exploration constitutes purpose

The paths preceding revision are never worry free