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What a World

What a World

There exists a place

That evokes a sense of meaning
T’is but a mere mote of dust -
Suspended in a sunbeam

There, a droplet dares to drizzle
On a scorching sunset plain
Where the journey to the ground Is a meek memory of rain

Not all can be as privileged
To be born inside a hurricane
But even a sweet teary sky -
Will reach the ground one day

Now flying like an autumn leaf
Past the big oak and the birch
The world below - I can’t explain
The life it holds - a forever search

There is ugliness in growth -
And beauty in the wither
There are things that summer passes - And flowers that bloom in winter

The river will take hold -
Of all who pass its stream
The ride - a life to go
The life, it seems - a dream

While meandering through memories
As the scenery changes shape
The body starts eroding
While the delta slows the pace

If only all could see the sea
Where the river meets its end
The horizon there to remind
That it all will start again

When dusk will lose to morning dew
And clouds fill up with hope
It’s only a speck in the spectacle we’re living in
Unfolding still, on this pale blue dotted globe